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  • It all depends what you are looking to get out of it.  Yes there are a lot of D365 sessions but there are also a lot of session that go across version of CRM 2013.     I think there are still alot  people with legacy versions, so I don't think you will ...

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  • Good day @Jill Miller , This question is certainly timely and valid ever since Microsoft introduced us all with that new product naming convention that is "Dynamics 365"​.  Thank you for asking it.  The interesting thing about all of our content across ...

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  • ​Good morning, I have a ticket to Summit but I am thinking of not going. Everything I see is geared toward D365. We are on CRM2013 with no plans of upgrading next year. If we upgrade it will probably not be until 2020. What will be at summit for folks ...

  • Great great feedback!  Thanks so much! ------------------------------ Julie Yack Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc. Palmer Lake CO ------------------------------

  • ​I also would like to learn more about SLAs, specifically Enhanced SLA's. ------------------------------ Christie Cripe CRM Business Solutions Analyst ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) Arlington VA ------------------------------

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  • ​In addition to Power Apps it would be interesting to see how the new Custom App Designer could be used with an associate solution to create awesome sharable packages.  Looks like an exciting opportunity but cant find the time to explore. ------------------------------ ...

  • ​ When listing the labs indicate what version the lab will be applicable.  Not all of us have upgraded, as well as some of us are on-premise vs cloud. Thanks! ------------------------------ Diane McAlpine Business Systems Analyst Toshiba International ...

  • 1. Creating editable grids 2. Power Apps 3. Solution Management 4. PowerBI ------------------------------ Scott Glisson CRM Administrator/Business Analyst Randall-Reilly, LLC Tuscaloosa AL ------------------------------

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