CRMUG Summit Nashville Product General Session Recap


Wednesday morning saw the start to CRMUG Summit Nashville 2017 with a great product general session. The keynote message was delivered by Param Kahlon, General Manager for Dynamics CRM Program Management Team. The session was kicked off by Tony Stein, General Manager of User Group for Dynamics 365 & CRM. This being the 10th year of CRMUG Summit, what a great time to reflect on how this event has grown and changed over the past 10 years.

Microsoft delivered a consistent message of digital transformation in what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There is a constant need to move forward and create the best user experience with the ever changing business landscape.

One key message was how customer engagement is where digital transformation begins with:

·       Holistic customer views

·       Big Data Analytics

·       Machine Learning

·       Process Automation

·       Leverage multiple channels

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 power YOUR digital transformation?

·       Being the most productive business application

·       Embed actionable intelligence that leverages big data and networks

·       Create a personalized omni-channel

·       Orchestrate processes across your network and connected devices

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps to enable this new world with the customer journey: Awareness – Interest – Convert – Advocate. By understanding these steps and integrating a full and robust experience along every step, Dynamics 365 will help transform the customer journey.

Lastly, it was great to hear about some of the fall features that are available in the product.

·       Refreshed web client

·       Unified client

·       Sales Intelligence with LinkedIn data

·       Marketing Automation

·       Extensible Application Platform

It’s an exciting time for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and everyone that is involved with the product. Thank you for your commitment and feedback you give to continually take the product to the next level for all users.