Value of Networking at Summit Nashville - D365UG|CRMUG

Good afternoon D365UG|CRMUG,

In lieu of the D365UG|CRMUG 10-year anniversary at this year's Summit Nashville event, I find myself curious to why this event has evolved to be the marque Dynamics 365/CRM event of the year.   The only logical, commonsense answer is "people".  Sure content continues to be the primary driver in why people attend this event and the credit will & should always go to those speakers who give selflessly of their talents and time to help educate us all on adopting and using Dynamics 365/CRM better.  But don't underestimate the enormous value of networking this event gives you in finding like-minded roles, industries, and users utilizing Dynamics 365/CRM in similar or yet different ways than you do.   

Over the years, this event continues to grow providing more than 200+ sessions of content value, but it also provides a broader opportunity to share in conversation and hear testimony from others like you in how others are using their Dynamics environment.  Summit will always yield a sentiment of peer to peer interaction, users helping users, rolling up each others sleeves and taking home new, creative, and helpful tips that improve the success you'll have with your Dynamics 365/CRM instance go-forward.  

Don't forget to register for Summit and take part in the networking & interactive ways Summit Nashville will no doubt be. It is well beyond a content only event!

Value of Networking:
  • 19 - Ask the Experts sessions, your opportunity to hear from over 70 other like-minded users to the topic at hand.
  • 18 - Roundtable discussions in 2 formats:
    • Cheekwood Chats - These are structured roundtable & moderator lead interactive discussions in a small intimate setting
    • Microsoft Feedback Sessions - These are NDA, intimate feedback sessions with Microsoft Program leaders from R&D.  Advocacy of the user group is your opportunity to foster feedback to Microsoft on future iteration of software development to Dynamics 365 go-forward.
  • D365UG|CRMUG "Medics" - Your formal Dynamics 365/CRM walk-in clinic to ask questions, solicit advice and guidance from expert Microsoft MVPs and other speakers of Summit.  
  • Summit New Attendee Reception - Ask questions to veteran Summit attendees, break the ice, and meet other Dynamics 365/CRM attendees.
  • D365UG|CRMUG Academy - How can you not network & get to know your neighbor when you spend 3-4 hours in an instructor lead deep dive training?  
D365UG|CRMUG Summit Nashville will be our biggest and best yet, but like all Summits this is for users, from users and your event.  Cowboy/Cowgirl up and see what the value of networking could be for you!

See you in Nashville!

Tony Stein, GM - D365UG|CRMUG